Staples Ordering Communication

  1. When SSC is contacted by their customer for a supply order shipped directly to their home, the SSC needs to collect the end users contact information of name, address, phone number

  2. Send the end user contact information to Staples contacts: Jaqlyn Grimm 1-586-925-2070

    • Format is in the template provided. Make sure in the first column you use WFH- as the beginning.  This will enable us to deactivate these addresses when we return to normal operations.

    • There is an average lead time of 4 hours to get the address loaded.  This can be expedited by combining addresses into one load sheet for Staples rather than one at a time. 

  3. Staples will load the address into their system under the KU Master account.

  4. Once confirmation is received from staples for address being loaded into the system (Could take up to 4 hours), then SSC can place the order

  5. Log into the Staples Advantage website.

    • Enter Company ID: 1802971

    • User Name (This will either be your email address or first initial last name)

    • Password: Staples1 (case sensitive-you can select to change your password once logged in)

  6. When selecting the address for delivery, the SSC can select the appropriate address from the drop down.  You can search by WFH as that will be the starting of all new addresses for this temporary solution. 

  7. Add Items to Cart and checkout.

  8. Enter Credit Card Number and hit submit.

  9. Supply order is now placed and will go out for delivery to home address because it is in the system.

  10. If you have any questions or need login assistance, please contact:

Elizabeth Buehler, Customer Success Consultant, 800-308-4752, ; Martin Penner, Regional Sales Director - Territory Account Managers, 479-366-0335.