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FITC P2P Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Log in to FITC P2P? -    Go to, click MyKU, Services, Financial Systems and click the FITC icon. The Links to the new Financial Systems are located in the Financial Systems Resource Center.It is a MyCommunity site and can be accessed using this link – FSRC.  It can also be found by logging onto MyCommunity/SharePoint sites main page and then searching for “Financial Systems Resource Center.”  Once logged, in you can follow the site as well as save links to browser favorites for future quick access. 

How do I sign up for New User Training? or email

My browser is spinning, slow, or options are not available. - Verify you are in FIREFOX browser

Setting up delegates- You must enable delegates in BPM Worklist-Financials and Procurement and fill out the Delegate Approver form out on the link in Concur in company notes on the home page of Concur.

What happens if you forget to check the Negotiated box?  It will be stopped in a que in procurement, no PO, manually created and slows down workflow. This will create TWO Purchase Order numbers once they are manually processed. **Working on getting it defaulted.**

Is there a work around for assigning a requisition with the wrong Business Unit? - No, you must reject, send back and start over.

How do I Assign a requisition? - After you create your Cart you will Save and Close. Go to Actions above your My Requisitions at the bottom of your screen. Click on Reassign. In the pop up box Reassign to the person by typing  in their last name and remember to check the Send Notification to this person box so that they get an in system notification and an email.

Where do we put the internal note to pick up check? -  Under Manage Installments-select Pick Up check in Delivery Channel. Also, In the Attachments, your File type=text, Categories= to payables. File name= Name of person picking up check and extension, Title= Check pickup

 Can we enter multiple invoices in the invoice number on a non po invoice?  Invoice number must be ONE to a non po invoice, no special characters except dashes

Are you limited to the length of your description box? - 240 characters

What is the process for International Checks? -  Do not change the payment method. UKANS-internal note pick up check with Vickie in Payables and select Pick Up in Delivery Channel. KURES- follow the KURES process, goes wire, don’t change payment method.

Can you enter a negative number for a credit memo? - Yes, credit memos are submitted by using the correct web form to Payables.

Does a shopping list keep update pricing? - Not on a Non Catalog Request Form or Hosted.

Are the Auditor assignments the same? -  YES

Are we be able to view old PO information? - Yes in OAC.

How will SOV’s be processed? - This will be covered in all DARBI system trainings.  Yes these invoices all go through normal approvals. Entered the same as a non po invoice using KUINT and RSINT (non project) option in the BU dropdown.

How do we enter the KUEA info into the charge account box? - You will use 725 funds and the reimbursable box for the KUEA Oper ID.

When we pay an invoice with multiple addresses (remit to) how do you know what addresses are available? -You will click the supplier site drop down and a list will populate of all addresses available.

Where do we enter the invoice date on the form? - Enter the invoice date in the Terms Date

When setting up my address in BU preferences you could not read the whole address while searching new addresses. - Hover over the actual address and it will show the entire address.

Is there a printout be available for new account code/category codes/building locations? - Financial Systems Resource Center.

Where is the check payment information in the invoice?-  Payment Tab, reconciled means it cleared the bank, can view after the fact.

What is the work around for a sick Approver?-  Reassignment can be done in FMS, or by submitter.

Will we have to run two separate reports at year end since acct codes differ?-  No, BICS team will merge the reports.

Can a User play in the FITC test site- NO, the user names are being used for training at this time.

Will we have a new Charge of Account Rollup cheat sheet?  Financial Systems Resource Center.

How do I search within a field in FITC?- Click on the magnifying glass and do an Advanced Search using Contains.

How do I search for my Requisition? - The Task Icon on the right side of the Purchase Requisition screen and Manage Requisitions.

How do I find my Requisition? - All requisitions are listed at the bottom of your purchasing screen- MyRequisitions or you can click the Task Icon on the right and Manage Requisitions.

Why do I Save and Close vs. Submit Requisition? -Save and Close saves the requisition for future edits or actions, Submit will submit into workflow.

What if I can’t find something in the mandated/preferred catalog? -You will use a Non Catalog Request form.

How do I add a New Vendor into FITC? This process has not changed. A Change to Add Vendor Form.

How do I modify distribution in FITC?- Leave the Supplier Site blank in the Non Catalog Request. Add and attachment, Text- to The Buyer -with the new email or fax number in the comment box. Add a title =FUNDING

How submit a Change Order to change Qty, Price, or Funding or Cancel a PO? - Submit a Change Order Form

How do I expedite my order or check the status on my order? You will need to contact the supplier directly with your Purchase Order number.

When do you need to contact the Supplier about an Order?

  • To find out where the invoice is
  • Incorrect items or qty
  • When items are damaged
  • Expediting or Cancelling order

How do I clear my cache? Go into settings in your browser and clear all browsing history. Usually located in the top right hand corner. Contact if you need help.