From purchase to payment


Frequently Asked Questions


Questions regarding Carts-

  1. How do I edit my cart?
  1. How do I find a cart?
  • Users can view their shopping carts by hovering over the shopping cart icon on the left side of the screen, then hovering over 'My Carts and Orders', then select 'View Draft Shopping Carts'.
  1. How do I split funding?

4.   KUPPS is not letting me create a cart?



Questions about the KUPPS System-

  1. How do I clear my cache?
  1. How do I get removed from the KUPPS email list?
  • The only way to completely stop receiving emails from the KUPPS system is to have the user’s profile inactivated.
  • Users can edit what emails they receive from the KUPPS system by changing the email preferences on their profile. Please follow the link to instructions on how to change/edit email preferences.
  1. How do you get yourself or a member of your department access to the KUPPS system?
  • Fill out the Departmental Access Form located on the Financial Management Administration’s page. Please follow the link for the Departmental Access Form ».
  1. How do I submit a requisition if I am the sole approver?
  • Either set up someone else as a backup approver for the department or have someone else copy it to a new cart and submit it back to the approver.
  1. How do I find times and sign up for New User training?
  • Classroom training sessions are offered at a specific date, time, and location that can be found on the calendar on the KUPPS page. Check the available training times on the KUPPS Calendar. Users must sign up for these sessions by emailing the KUPPS helpdesk at If users cannot attend the training sessions, they can call 785-864-5799.
  1. What if I can’t find an item in the mandated or preferred vendor catalog?
  • Contact Procurement Services at 785-864-6412 to be put in touch with the specific commodity specialist that is responsible for the item.
  1.  What if I can't find the supplier I need when using KUPPS?
  •  Contact your Shared Service Center or the KUPPS help desk at 43098, 46136 or

8.  What do I do if the Vendor is Not in KUPPS?

  •  If your vendor does not show up in KUPPS please follow the instructions on how to add a new vendor or update a current vendor located here Vendor Information.

9.  How do I modify distribution?

  •  If the Purchase Order needs distributed to a different email or fax that is set up for that vendor in KUPPS please follow the instructions in this link PO Distribution.





Questions on how to edit an existing order-

  1. How do I fix an Accounting or Budget problem?
  • First contact the department accountant or budgeteer to ensure that the values in the Accounting Codes section are correct. If they are correct, they are not setup properly in the PeopleSoft or Demis systems. Please contact FSKU through email at to get this problem resolved in Peoplesoft. Please contact your SSC or Post Award to check to see if your Budget Category is set up in Demis.
  1. How do you change funding on an order once a Purchase Order has been created?
  • Visit the Financial Accounting and Cash Control website to complete a journal entry ».
  1. When you need to change or update an order what do you need to do?
  • Un-assigning a Cart= When a cart is assigned to a requestor but needs to brought back into the shopper’s draft carts the cart needs to be un-assigned.  (This only applies to orders that are still in a cart status). To un-assign a cart:
    • Go into your draft carts by going into View Draft Shopping Carts.  Find the assigned carts under the subheading labeled “My Drafts Assigned to Others”. Find the order that needs to be brought back into your possession and click the Un-assign button on the right side of the screen.
  • Withdrawing a Requisition= The requisition should be withdrawn when a requestor submits a requisition, and after doing so, needs to end the workflow on the order before it is approved,. To withdraw a requisition:
    • Look up the requisition using document search by referencing the requisition number. Once you are in the requisition use the drop down in the upper right corner of the screen labeled “Available Actions”. Select the option Withdraw Entire Requisition and click go. The workflow for this order has been ended.
  • PO Change Order= When a PO is submitted and approved but needs information changed a PO Change Order is required. A PO Change Order is used to request a KUPPS staff member to; change the quantity of an item, change the total amount or the price of an item, cancel the purchase order, or alter a KUCR subcontract. To complete this form:
  • Closing a PO= When part of an order is fulfilled but the remaining undelivered items no longer need to be fulfilled a request to close the PO is made. This will end the workflow on the items that have not currently been invoiced


Differences between the various types of forms-

  1. When do you use a Non-Catalog Goods form and when do you use a Check Request form?
  • Non-Catalog goods forms are for placing an order through a vendor that is not currently a KUPPS hosted vendor or a punch-out (it is also used when an item is not found in a hosted catalog or the item is a “special order” = not normally stocked or found in the vendors catalog). A Check Request form is used to pay an invoice only if the order was NOT placed in KUPPS.
  1. What is the difference between an SOV and a Check Request?
  • Check Request:
    • Pay invoice
    • Done in KUPPS
  • SOV: (SOV questions can be answered by calling payables) -785-864-5800
    • Pay invoice to another KU Department
    • Done in PeopleSoft
  1. How do you complete a Non-Catalog Order form or a Check Request form when you need to input information for more than 5 items?
  • Each form allows for the addition of up to 5 items into a cart at one time. This means that there needs to be more than one form filled out if you have more than 5 items. Once the first form is completed click the Add to Cart and Return option, which will leave the supplier information populated in the next form. Once finished adding items, click the Add and go to Cart option.


Questions regarding existing orders-

  1. What do you do if the packing slip you receive when my order is delivered does not match the invoice?
  • Contact the vendor to find out what occurred.
  1. What do you do if the vendor contacts you about an order you placed through the KUPPS system?
  • If contacted about payments get in touch with payables to find out how to resolve the problem. 785-864-5800
  • If contacted about pending goods/services get in touch with procurement. 785-864-5811
  1. How do you go about getting an order expedited?

  • Contact the supplier and ask if it is possible to expedite the order, this usually results in an added charge.
  1. How do I check the status of an order in Workflow?
  • First search for the requisition or purchase order. Once viewing the document, click on the PR Approvals tab for a requisition or the PO Approvals tab for a purchase order. This will bring up a flow chart that shows what part of the approving process the order is in.
  1. When do you need to get in contact with the supplier you placed the order through?
  • To find out where the invoice is
  • Incorrect amount of items are delivered
  • When items are delivered damaged
  • Expediting an order
  • Closing a PO