Permit 310 Instructions

The following instructions are for use of the University of Kansas Business Reply Mail Permit #310:
  1. Please complete the attached application form and send it to the University of Kansas Campus Mail office for approval.

  2. Any outgoing postage should be affixed and paid for by your department.

  3. Incoming postage will be charged to Permit #310. It will be your responsibility to keep a record of these charges on all business reply mail returned to you and to reimburse Campus Mail for this postage expense incurred by your department.

  4. Campus Mail will send you an invoice at the beginning of each quarter of the fiscal year if your charges have exceeded $5.00.

  5. To pay the invoice, please prepare an SOV (seller 2800950 – LIBR Campus Mail) or check payable to “Campus Mail" and send it to Campus Mail. The SOV or check should include the invoice number listed for your billing.

Please contact Campus Mail at 785-864-3247 if you have any questions regarding the use of the permit or the procedures to follow in reimbursing Campus Mail for the postage expense your department incurs.