Organizational Chart

Jeffrey DeWitt

Chief Information Officer


Heather Blanck, Chief Procurement Officer


Ephrom Marks, Associate Director of Procurement Services

  • Esmeralda Phillips, Senior Procurement Office
  • Julie Bellucci, Procurement Officer
  • Carla Swoyer, Procurement Officer
  • Ramia Whitecotton, Procurement Officer
  • Carey Keo, Purchasing Agent
  • Student Staff

Benjamin Lizak, Associate Director of Procurement Services


Katrina Yoakum, Controller


  • Lori Gutsch, Assistant, Director of Travel Services

  • Nolan Haire, Functional Systems Manager, Financial Services Help Desk

    • Todd Dilley, Functional Systems Analyst
    • Dawn Kilburn, Functional Systems Analyst
    • Hunter Rabe, Functional Systems Analyst
    • Leah LaPointe, Accounting Specialist
    • Student
  • Mike Lewis, Assistant Director of Payables

    • Mischa Bell, Accounting Specialist, P-Card
    • Shay Brown, Accounting Specialist
    • Heather Campbell, Accounting Specialist
    • Jessie Hamm, Accounting Specialist, SOFAS
    • Hannah Harnden, Accounting Specialist
    • Tyler Kottman, Accounting Specialist
    • Rechelle Wustefeld, Accounting Specialist
    • Sarah Kramps, Supplier Maintenance Administrator
    • Student