How to Purchase Airfare

The preferred method of purchasing Airfare is by using an Enhanced Standard P-Card in the travelers' name either online using Concur Travel or though our contracted travel agency, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP). Each department needs at least one individual with an Enhanced Standard P-card to charge airfare, first-night lodging, and car rental for guest and non-employee student travel. Applications for an Enhanced Standard P-card are located at P-Card Action Request (.pdf).

Airfare can be purchased online with a personal credit card. However, the traveler cannot be reimbursed for the airfare until the travel is complete.

Generally, reimbursement for air travel is limited to tourist or economy class. However, for individual flight segments of four hours or more, the traveler may opt for an expanded legroom seat at University expense.  Otherwise, the traveler must enter a statement on the reimbursement identifying the class of travel used and if the class is other than tourist or economy airfare the traveler must deduct an amount equal to the excess over the cost of these fares. However, if there are no tourist or economy flights available that meet the traveler's schedule, the traveler can submit a statement, signed by the travel agent, certifying that no "regular" accommodations were available. This statement must accompany the reimbursement upon which the fare is claimed.

Future University employees traveling before their start date are reimbursed following employee reimbursement procedures.