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Moving Expenses

Moving Expense Policy

Moving Expense Reminders​

  • Questions on moving expenses contact Laura Albin, ext. 4-5940.
  • All moving expense forms are located on the Procurement website, under Payables, Forms, Moving Expense Forms
  • Moving expenses must be claimed within one year from the date the employee starts work
  • If KUEA cannot be direct billed for the moving company expense and the traveler is going to pay the company than 3 quotes must be obtained and attached to paperwork at submission
  • The preferred method to pay a moving company is to request that the moving company direct bill KUEA
  • If the new work location is at least 50 miles further from the former residence than the former residence was to the former place of work than a Moving Expense Analysis Worksheet should be completed – either Taxable or Non-Taxable.
  • Employee appointment to KU must be at least 12 months
  • The first step in paying for moving expenses is for the department and employee to complete the written agreement (Form DA-22)
  • Moving office or lab equipment that will be used in the employee’s place of work should be paid separately from personal moving expenses and can be paid with state funds
  • All moving expenses must be paid with private funds – either KUEA or KUCR using funds 720, 721, or 725

Non-Taxable Analysis Worksheet​

  • Submit non-taxable moving expense through KUPPS.  Be sure that all paperwork is attached, including written agreement (DA-22), moving company quotes and final invoice of company selected,  MapQuest of trip if reimbursing mileage, all expense receipts, and Non-Taxable Analysis Worksheet
  • Moving expenses can only be reimbursed after the employee moves to their new residence
  • Lodging is reimbursed for single occupancy only even though an employee may be accompanied by his/her family.  If incurred, lodging expenses the day before the employee leaves the old location and lodging the day the employee arrives at the new location can be reimbursed.
  • Only the airfare of the employee can be reimbursed when flying to new residence under non-taxable.  Airfare for other family members is taxable.
  • Storage of household goods for a period of 30 days or less before being delivered to the new residence can be reimbursed.  This does not include automobile storage.
  • Self-moves are allowed when both the employee and the department are in agreement and the costs appear to be reasonable.  Estimates are not required but department can request an estimate be provided.  Reimbursable expense for self-moves can include rental of moving van or trailer and private car (one way) at the current mileage rate.  Fuel for the moving van can be reimbursed at the actual amount with receipts or the mileage rate can be applied.  Repairs for moving van cannot be reimbursed.  Packing materials, such as boxes and tape, are reimbursable.  Paying others (friends and family) to help move is only reimbursable under taxable; this includes meals.
  • Moving a mobile home is allowed.  If employee transports mobile home he can be reimbursed an allowance of up to 0.30 a mile.  If commercial transportation is used tolls, charges, and permit fees can be reimbursed.
  • Moving company expenses – if possible have vendor direct bill KUEA.  If that is not possible and traveler is paying moving company directly, traveler must obtain 3 quotes.  Quote includes cost of transportation, packing and unpacking, delivery, and insurance.  Employee must use lowest quote.  Employee can only be reimbursed for moving up to 12,000 pounds.  Actual weight must be shown by carrier in quote.
  • Anything that is not specifically mentioned in this section is a taxable moving expense reimbursement
  • Non-Taxable Analysis Worksheet

Taxable Analysis Worksheet​

  • Please remember that taxable moving expenses can be submitted via email directly to Payroll. These expenses cannot be reimbursed through KUPPS.  Please include all documentation, DA-22 agreement, Taxable Analysis Worksheet, and all pertinent receipts.
  • All expenses associated with house hunting are taxable.
  • Mileage for employee and family members between the old and new residence is taxable when it exceeds the standard mileage.  Analysis worksheet will help in calculating mileage rates at the current rate.
  • Storage of household goods over 30 days before delivered to the new residence is a taxable reimbursement
  • Up to 30 days of lodging can be reimbursed as taxable while the employee is occupying temporary lodging and waiting to occupy the new residence.  Lodging is reimbursed at the state travel rates for employees and for single occupancy only, even though the employee may be accompanied by family
  • Meals while in route to the new residence can be reimbursed but are taxable.  Alcoholic beverages cannot be reimbursed.  Meal receipts can be used or employees can choose to use per diem travel meal allowance rates.  If per diem is used, the day and time of departure and arrival must be submitted with the moving expenses
  • Airfare for family members are taxable
  • Shipping pets, boats, and vehicles via a carrier are taxable expenses.  Expenses incurred to tow a vehicle are taxable.
  • Costs associated with disassembling yard toys, patio equipment, window air conditioners, and shelving are taxable reimbursements, even if completed by moving company
  • Taxable moving expenses are reimbursed by Payroll and submitted through Payroll not KUPPS.  If you are submitting taxable expenses please also complete a Fringe Benefit Income for W-2 Reporting form
  • Taxable Analysis Worksheet

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