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Receipt Account Codes

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AGENCY EARNINGS: Amounts collected for merchandise sold, for services performed, for granting the privilege of engaging in a business or occupation, or for the purpose of regulation.
SERVICE CHARGES: Revenue received as compensation for services provided:
213320 Ins Premiums - Fire Marshall
220200 Technical And Skilled Services
220210 Due To Other Funds
220400 Returned Check Charges
220451 Deductions Remit By Regents EE
220500 Fees
225051 Service Center Fees-Sponsored
220610 Student Health Campus Fee
220620 Student Health Services Fees
220720 Admissions To Athletic Events
220730 Admissions To Plays & Concerts
220790 Other Admissions
220900 Recovery Of Damages
220990 Other Service Charges
SALE OF COMMODITIES: Revenue received as compensation for merchandise sold.
222100 Manufactured Products
222200 State Publications
222300 Farm And Dairy Products
222500 Salvaged Materials
222600 Usable Condemned Equipment
222700 Dining Hall Income
222710 Summer School Dining
222720 Summer Conference Dining
222900 Other Commodity Sales
225010 Inter-Departmental Sales
225011 Inter-Dept Sales - Sponsored
225012 Administrative Overhead
REVENUE FROM THE USE OF MONEY AND PROPERTY: Revenue received as compensation for the use of state owned money or property.
INTEREST, DIVIDENDS, PREMIUMS, AND DISCOUNTS: Revenue received from investing money and premiums received on securities.
230150 Average Daily Balance Interest
230220 Int State Agency Invest
230230 Interest On Imprest Fund Acct
230260 Amort Prem Disc On Securities
230900 Other Interest 
RENTS AND ROYALTIES: Revenue received from use of property and royalties from owned rights.
231300 Rent Halls & Rooms St Bldgs
231310 Summer School Rental
231320 Summer Conference Rental
231600 Sale Of Permission To Quote
231900 Other Rents And Royalties
231910 Income From Royality Distrib
FEDERAL GRANTS: Amounts received from the federal government to aid in support of research and education.
240500 Income, Federal Grants
241000 Income, Not From Federal Grant
241040 Ext Cap Or Property Income
OTHER REVENUE: All items of revenue not classified elsewhere
253050 Law Enf Trng Ctr Docket Fees
254090 Other Fines Penalties Forfeit
259090 Other Income
259120 Convenience Fee Credit Cards
259130 Agency Funds - Debt Service
NON-REVENUE RECEIPTS: All sources of receipts that do not constitute revenue.
BORROWINGS: Money received from the issuance of revenue bonds. The principal and interest of the bonds are to be paid solely from earnings. These bonds are usually issued in connection with some public service enterprise.
260210 Revenue Bond Issue At Par
260230 Bond Premiums/Discounts
261100 Sale Of Land Bldgs & Other Re
261200 Insurance Reimbursements
261300 Investment Proceeds
261900 Other Asset Conversions
262210 Refund of Advances Petty Cash
262110 Recovery Of Current Fy Exp
REFUND OF ADVANCES: The reimbursement of a fund for advances made from it to another fund. The refund of advances for establishing Petty Cash Funds, Imprest Funds, and Independent Parcel Delivery Service Advance Funds will reduce or close out these Funds.
262210 Refund of Advances Petty Cash
262290 Refund of Advances--Other
262300 Accrued Int on Inv Purchased
262400 Reimb From Other St Agency
262710 Indirect Cost Reimbursement
262780 Overhead Distribution
262790 Overhead Return Ukans Projects
262900 Other Refunds And Reimbursmnts
264000 Sales Tax Deposits
264050 Sales Tax Out Of State
TRANSFERS: The amount received into one fund from another for the purpose of increasing one fund and decreasing another fund, or funds, by an equal amount.
266010 Operating Transfers In
266020 Operating Transfers Out
266050 Fed Subgrant Transfer In
266070 Op Transfer In Interest Alloc
266080 Op Transfer Out Interest Alloc
266090 State Gen Fund Revenue Xfer
267010 Suspense 
267051 Beak 'Em Bucks Recovery
267500 Beak 'Em Bucks Returned Echeck
269010 Recovery Of Prior Fy Exp
264010 Trusts
260900 Other Borrowings
269090 Other Nonrevenue Receipts
OTHER NON REVENUE RECEIPTS: Recovery of prior year expenditures and any other non revenue receipts not classified elsewhere.
225501 Long Distance Income
225502 Kansan Credit Card
225504 Lines & Equipment Income
225505 Swb Yellow/White Pages
225506 Data Macs Income
225507 Voice Macs Income
225508 Video/Catv Macs Income
225509 Videio Conferenceing Income
225510 Catv Income
225511 Data Cable Sales
225512 Voice Cable Sales
225513 Data Connection & Security Inc
225514 Student Monthly Phone Service
225515 Student Long Distance Income
225517 Stouffer Monthly Phone Service
225518 Stouffer Long Distance
225519 Stouffer Catv
225520 Stouffer Data Connections
225521 Network Activations
225522 Contract Revenues
225523 Wireless Access Fees
225524 Repair-Labor-Fo
225525 Repair-Labor-Contract Vendor
225526 Repair-Labor-Nts
225527 Stouffer Mo Svc W/Cid
225528 Comp Sys-Ethernet Cards-Desktp
225529 Comp Sys-Ethernet Cards-Laptop
225530 Cellular Mo Charges
225531 Cellular 1X Equip Purchases
225532 Network Construction Materials


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