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Printing WebNow Invoices

The WebNow interface to ImageNow does not provide a direct option to print an invoice on paper.  These steps illustrate the workaround option to print these invoice documents.


 1   Open The Invoice in WebNow.  Open the WebNow invoice document.  See Find a Check Request or Non-Catalog Invoice.

 2   Open WebNow Send To / Email Tool.  From the WebNow Viewer, click File >> Send To >> E-Mail to open the E-mail pop-up window.

 3   Send Image to Email.  Click the    OK     button.  This launches a new email with an attached copy of the imaged invoice.tif file. 

 4   Open the Image File.  Double-click the file attachment and then click the    Open    button to launch the image viewer.

 5   Open the Viewer Print Tool.  Using the image viewer print options, open the print tool. 

 6   Send File to Print.  Identify the correct printer, and click the   Print   button.