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Editing a Draft Requisition

The KUPPS Summary Draft Requisition is used to identify, classify, and correctly workflow procurement and check request transactions.  To access the Draft Requisition:

  1. Shopper/Requestor – Click  from the draft cart.
  2. Approver – Open the PR using the applicable requisition number.

 1   General.  Click the   button to update:

Doing Business as: – Associate the KUPPS PR with either The KU Center for Research, Inc., or The University of Kansas.  This option must agree with the Business Unit in the Accounting Codes. 

Cart Name – Each KUPPS cart is automatically assigned a unique Cart Name based on the user name and date created.  There is no central requirement to rename the cart.   

Description – This field is initially blank and can be used to provide additional details to administer and track the transaction.  

Priority – Puts an “urgent” flag on the PR for the workflow Approver.

Shopper / Requestor (identity) – Do NOT change the identity.  This change requires exceptional circumstances. 

 2   Shipping.  See Shipping/Billing Address Options on page 2 for the Ship To edit options.  Do not edit Delivery Options – it is set for contractual shipping agreements by supplier.

 3   Billing.  The default address is the KU Accounts Payable office.  Non-catalog suppliers should send all manual invoices to this address.  Note – forward misrouted invoices to
Do NOT change the Accounting Date

 4   Accounting Codes.  Shoppers are not required to enter codes here.  Requestors must enter: Business Unit; Speed Chart; Account; Fund; and Department.  If an Approver edits the codes, the Requestor only needs to enter enough detail to workflow the PR forward. 

  • Click    to update the accounting code chartfields.
  • To add Header splits, click add split found on the far top right corner of the Accounting Codes tool. 
  • Click View/edit by line item… to edit codes by individual line items. 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to split by line item, dollar amount, or quantity

 5   Internal Notes and Attachments.  Internal notes and attachments are for KU records.  Click     to enter information relevant to the objective/compliance of the transaction.  Internal Notes transfer to PeopleSoft as voucher comments from External PO.  Click add attachment… to attach supporting document files.

 6   External Notes and Attachments.  This information is sent to non-catalog suppliers along with the purchase order.  Enter details or attach files that are pertinent to process the PO (i.e., quote document or special shipping instructions.)  Click  to enter external notes.  Click add attachment… to attach a document file for the supplier (pdf, doc, xls). Ensure the file print format fits within 8½ x11”.

Shipping Address Options

KUPPS Shipping addresses include all buildings on the main KU campus, the Edwards campus, and other KU locations. System users can create default addresses that will automatically populate new requisitions. 

To update an address, click the Ship To    button in the requisition:

 1   In the Nickname / Address Text field, type either:

  1. The name of the applicable building; or
  2. The street name in the Address Text field. 

Click  .

 2   Identify the correct location/address from the search results and click the applicable  button.  

 3   From the Selected Address Details, type in the following information: 

  • Attn: Name of person receiving the order.
  • Room: Location in building for delivery.
  • Dept:  University unit receiving the delivery.

If this address will not be used in future requisitions, click  to enter this address for the current requisition.

 4   If this address will be used in future requisitions, perform these additional actions: 

  • Click the “Save this address for future use” checkbox. 
  • Name the address in the open text field.
  • Click the “Check this box to make this the default address
  • Click 

This address will now automatically populate future requisitions created by the KUPPS user. 

 5   The address populates the requisition. Verify the details are correct. This address can be changed by anyone downstream in the workflow.


Note – In most cases, off-campus shipping locations will not be added to KUPPS. However, accommodations can be made for exceptional circumstances related to cost and critical timing.  Contact the Helpdesk with special requests for shipping address updates.