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Tracking a Check Request

KUPPS Check Requests result in PeopleSoft vouchers.  This guide demonstrates the steps required to track a KUPPS Check Request from requisition to PeopleSoft voucher

 1   Open The KUPPS PR Record.  Check Requests create a PO document in KUPPS (with no encumbrance in PeopleSoft).  This allows an electronic Invoice record to be created in KUPPS that integrates to PeopleSoft as a voucher.  Steps to locate:

  1. Open the Check Request Requisition in KUPPS. 
  2. Click on the PO number (KU00012345) or view link to open the KUPPS PO document.

 2   Review the KUPPS PO - Invoice Record.  After the PO loads, click on the Invoices tab.  The 8-digit (50005678) Invoice number identified in the Invoicing Summary is the PeopleSoft Voucher number. 

 3   Open the Voucher in PeopleSoft.  Sign In to the KU Financial System (FSKU) in PeopleSoft.  Search for the voucher.  Steps:

  1. Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry
  2. Select the applicable Business Unit (UKANS/KURES)
  3. Type-in the Invoice number found in KUPPS
  4. Click the   Search button
The voucher record in PeopleSoft will populate.