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When to Submit PO Change Order Requests

Why PO Change Orders are Required

The KU Procure to Pay (P2P) integration between KUPPS and FSKU upgraded on June 25, 2012.The integration builds PO’s in FSKU from PO’s in KUPPS, resulting in PO Vouchers in FSKU.This provides budgetary encumbrances shown in DEMIS reporting.

Editing PeopleSoft PO and PO Vouchers will be performed by central office staff, but the change must be requested by department staff.   

Reasons to Submit a KUPPS PO Change Order Request

  • To change quantity, when reducing items ordered or for match exceptions (10% or $100.00 tolerance)
  • To change amount or price on non-catalog orders
  • To cancel a PO if it has not been invoiced
  • To change a KUCR subcontract

Do NOT submit a PO Change Order

  • To add products to a Catalog Order (Punch-Out).  A quantity increase would be accomplished by placing a new order
  • If any payment has been made against the PO, a journal request change (JRC) required to adjust funding
  • To change a chartfield distribution or funding (account, department, fund, project, etc.) use a JRC.

For detailed instructions, see How to Create a PO Change Order Request.