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Creating a Purchase Requisition

  1. Login to KUPPS.
  2. Ensure that either no cart or the correct cart is the active cart. Top right of page should look like this:
  3. From the KUPPS homepage, begin shopping by using one of the following methods: 
    1. Punch-out Supplier – Click on the icon of the applicable punch-out supplier to begin punch-out shopping;
    2. Hosted Catalog Supplier – Click on one of the supplier icons, use the search tools, and add items to the draft cart;   – OR –    
    3. Click on either the Non-Catalog Goods Form or Non-Catalog Services Form button.  Enter all shopping detail into the form and save.     
  4. Bring the completed shopping cart back into the KUPPS Shopping Cart.    
  5. Edit the KUPPS shopping cart as necessary.  To add line items, return to the catalog or reopen the Non-Catalog Form and add items.
  6. Once the content of the shopping cart is satisfactory, click the button.  For Shopper staff whose role is to only shop, click the  button and assign the cart to the appropriate Requestor.
  7. After opening the Summary – Draft Requisition page, edit/complete the following fields:
  • GeneralDoing Business as: Select either The University of Kansas –or – KU Center for Research, Inc
  • Shipping – Verify/edit the details of the shipping location. 
  • Billing – Verify/edit the details of the billing location.  Note – catalog e-invoices are sent back to KUPPS; non-catalog invoices (paper or PDF) are sent to the KU Accounts Payable office for scanning and indexing into the KU ImageNow application.   
  • Accounting Codes – Shoppers do NOT need to populate these codes before assigning to cart.  Requestors submitting the cart for approval must complete this information.  Approvers are authorized edit the accounting codes before approval.  Click the
    View/edit by line item… link to enter code values by line item or to split funding by dollar amount.   
  • Internal Notes and Attachments – Type a short summary of the reason or justification for the order.  The note typed here becomes the “Comment From External PO” in FKSU payment records.  Attach any file that may be necessary or useful for approval or audit. 
  • Supplier / Line Item Details – Add notes/attachments here as necessary.       
  1. Once the draft requisition is satisfactory, click the  button.

A cart submitted for approval is now a Purchase Requisition (PR) in a KUPPS approval folder.  Any Approver for that department or project can open the applicable approval folder and approve or reject the PR. Once approved, a purchase order (PO) is sent to the supplier and a PO is created in FSKU to encumber the transaction for DEMIS reporting.

  • Catalog (punch-out) suppliers are sent electronic PO’s; e-invoices return to KUPPS automatically creating PO vouchers in FSKU.

Non-catalog suppliers are faxed/emailed PO’s; suppliers return paper/PDF invoices that workflow through ImageNow creating PO vouchers in FSKU.