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Source Codes

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Bus Unit Source Description Explanation Increase To Decrease To
UKANS 410 Cash Receipt Collection of funds Revenue  
UKANS 480 Cash Refund Refund Check   Revenue
UKANS 490 Cash Receipt Adjustment Change made to previous cash receipt Revenue Revenue
UKANS 531 Recovery of Expenditures Recovery of items billed by the Bursar's office   Expense
UKANS 558 Student Financial Aid Expense Student Financial Aid Expense Expense  
UKANS 559 Financial Aid Cross Campus Expense Student Financial Aid Expense paid to KUMC Expense Expense
UKANS 640 Payroll Adj - KUMC Adjust payroll charges - KUMC charges Expense Expense
UKANS 641 On-cycle Payroll Bi-Monthly payroll posting from HRSA Expense  
UKANS 642 Off-cycle Pay Supp/Adjustments Off-cycle payroll posting from HRSA Expense  
UKANS 643 Off-cycle Pay Cancel/Reversal Cancel payroll warrant, reverse charges   Expense
UKANS 644 Payroll Adjustments Retroactive funding adjustments Expense Expense
UKANS 645 GTA/GRA Health Insurance GTA/GRA Health Insurance payment Expense  
UKANS 711 Student Financial Aid Revenue Student Financial Aid payment revenue Revenue  
UKANS 712 Financial Aid Cross Campus Revenue Student Financial Aid payment Revenue to KUMC Revenue Revenue
UKANS ADJ Expense Adjustment Used for DA-35 transactions Expense Expense
UKANS AFR AFR Reporting FY opening beginning cash balances  cash cash
UKANS ALO Allocations Allocations    
UKANS AM Asset Management Asset Management    
UKANS AP AP Voucher Voucher transaction   Revenue
UKANS AR Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable    
UKANS BI Billing Billing    
UKANS BND Bond Transactions Bond Transactions    
UKANS BPC Business Procurement Card Charge BPC transaction Expense  
UKANS COM Communications KU telecommunication transaction Rev/Exp  
UKANS CS Cost Share Cost Share    
UKANS CSP Cost Share Payroll Cost Share Payroll    
UKANS DEP Departmental Deposit Deposit transaction Revenue  
UKANS EXP Payment Adjustment Change of funding on posted transactions Expense Expense
UKANS FOM FO Management Facilities Operations billing Rev/Exp  
UKANS GL General Ledger Offset Journal general ledger transaction cash cash
UKANS GM GM F&A Grants F&A transactions Rev/Exp  
UKANS PLE Payroll Leave Expense Expense from payroll transaction Expense  
UKANS PLR Payroll Leave Revenue Revenue from payroll transaction Revenue  
UKANS PO PO Corrections on purchase orders Expense Expense
UKANS REV Miscellaneous Revenue Collection of funds Revenue  
UKANS SOR SOV Revenue Revenue from SOV transaction Revenue  
UKANS SOV SOV Expense Expense from SOV transaction Expense  
UKANS SVE SOV Encumbrance Encumbered SOV transaction Expense