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Finding an E-Invoice

Access Electronic Invoices in the Purchase Order

Punch-out vendors do not mail or email invoices.  Invoices for KUPPS punch-out orders come back to KUPPS as an electronic invoice (e-invoice).  The data delivered to KUPPS also creates automated voucher payments in FSKU. 

 1   Locate KUPPS Electronic Invoices. 

To determine if a supplier has invoiced a purchase order, search for the applicable KUPPS purchase order and click the Invoices subtab.

Individual purchase orders may receive multiple e- invoices, especially for large orders or when certain items are on back order.  To determine what items have been e-invoiced, review the Status.   

  • Un-invoiced line items = Open
  • Partially Invoiced Order  = Partially Invoiced
  • Invoiced line items  = Net Invoiced

 2   Open KUPPS Electronic Invoices. 

To open and view an invoice, click on the invoice number or the open a printable version by clicking on the printer icon.

Each e-invoice record in KUPPS has two numbers assigned to it:

  1. Invoice Number – A unique, seven-digit number automatically generated by KUPPS for each e-invoice received.
  2. Supplier Invoice Number – This number is the primary identifier used by a supplier for the invoice record.  When cross-referencing data between KUPPS and FSKU, remember:

                FSKU Invoice No. = KUPPS Supplier Invoice No.

  These invoices do NOT need to be printed for central auditing.