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Editing a Shopping Cart

When a punch-out shopping session is returned or a KUPPS form is saved, that information is placed into the Shopping Cart of a draft purchase requisition (PR.)  These instructions describe the editing options of the KUPPS Shopping Cart page.  

 1   Open Draft Cart.  Click the shopping cart icon to open the active cart.  If no active draft cart exists, the draft carts page will state –   

To create a new cart, either return a punch-out catalog order or complete a form to create a non-catalog / check request draft PR.

 2   Doing Business as:  Each KUPPS PR must be associated with either The KU Center for Research, Inc., or The University of Kansas.  The option selected must agree with the Business Unit selected in the Accounting Codes of the draft PR.

 3   Cart Name and Description.  Each KUPPS cart is automatically assigned a unique Cart Name based on the user name and the date created.  There is no central requirement to rename the cart. 

The Description field is initially blank and can be used to provide additional details to administer and track the transaction. 

 4   Priority and Shopper.  Changing the priory status from normal to urgent does NOT expedite the PR – it only puts an “urgent” flag on the PR for the workflow Approver (suppliers do NOT see the Urgent flag.)

Do NOT change the Shopper identity.  This change requires exceptional circumstances.  Altering the Shopper identity can create downstream workflow problems.   

 5   For Selected Line Items.  This drop-down menu provides the following options to edit items in the cart:   

Add To Favorites – Copy selected item(s) to Favorites folder(s).

Remove Selected Items – delete     selected items from the cart.

Remove All Items – delete all items from the cart.

Move to Another Cart – move     selected items to another cart.

Change Supplier – change the listed supplier for a non-catalog item.

Add to Draft Cart or Pending PR/PO – move the selected items(s) to an existing draft cart or one already advanced in the workflow. 

 Check the applicable lines in the cart and click the  button. Follow the instructions in the pop-up windows that follow.    

 6   Product Description.  Items currently in the shopping cart are identified, including a summary of the line items.  Some punch-out suppliers allow changes to quantity in the KUPPS Shopping Cart while other suppliers do NOT allow quantity changes here.

Form (Non-Catalog) Supplier / Line Item Details Edit Options

 7   Edit Non-Catalog Form.  To add or edit items entered into the Shopping Cart from a SciQuest form:

  1. Click more info… under Product Description to open the form.
  2. Edit the form as necessary.
  3. Save changes and return to the Shopping Cart.    

 8   Change / View Contract Status.  Changes can be made to the contract status of a transaction in the form and in the draft shopping cart.  To view or edit the contract status of a line item:

  1. Click on the Select price or contract… link.
  2. The Price and Contract pop-up window opens.  Click on the applicable radio button to change the contract status if necessary.
  3. Click on the button to save the change.

Once all Shopping Cart edits have been made:

Shoppers can click on the button to directly assign the cart to an applicable Requestor.

Requestors can either assign the cart to another Requestor or click on the  button to continue editing the draft requisition detail.