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Searching KUPPS Document History

Search for Documents – PR’s, PO’s, & Invoices

There are three transactional document types in KUPPS:

  1. Purchase Requisitions (PR)
  2. Purchase Orders (PO)
  3. Invoice (e-invoice) 

System users can access documents for any department – there is no restriction.  Every KUPPS transaction begins as a draft cart that is used to create a PR. PO’s are the central record for most transactions and provide quick access to both the originating PR and e-invoice (for punch-out shopping orders.) The document history search provides both Simple and Advanced options for locating documents.

Simple Search

 1   Open document search.  From any KUPPS page:

  1. Click on the Orders & Documents tab and then click on Search Documents.
  2. Choose between the available sort options:
    • my requisitions | my purchase orders | my invoices 


  • Select document type: Requisition; Purchase Orders; or Invoices.
  • Type in keyword (ex. User last name; supplier name, etc.)
  • Select an applicable date range for the search.
  1. Click the  button.

 2   Refine Filters from Initial Search Results.  Once the primary search results are returned from the Simple Search, additional search criteria can be dynamically selected to narrow the search results.  Additional filters include:

  • Department
  • Supplier
  • User Name

  Click on this icon to open the full list of options within a filter. 

 3   Review Search Result Summary.

  1. Review the Settlement Status to determine invoice status. 
    1. No matches (no invoice received for any part of the an order)
    2. Partially Invoiced
    3. Fully Invoiced
Click the PO No. (KU00001234); or Requisition No. (12345678); or Invoice No. (1234567) to open the specific document record.

Advanced Search

 1   Open document search.  From any KUPPS page:

  1. Click on the Orders & Documents tab and then click on Search Documents.
  2. Click advanced search

This opens the Advanced Search options.  The advanced filter option provides immediate access to additional filter criteria.     

 2   All Documents search.  The All Documents search option provides immediate search filters for the:

  1. document number
  2. user names
  3. dates
  4. department name
  5. supplier and product detail. 

Because this option searches across all PR, PO, and e-invoice documents, the initial number of filter options is limited. 

To access more immediate filters, select the Requisition, Purchase Order or Invoice as the initial Search criteria. 

 3   Requisition, Purchase Order, & Invoice search.

By selecting a specific document type in the first Advanced Search option, users have immediate access to filters that are specific to each document type.

These same filters become available in subsequent, dynamic searches.  There is no preferred method to search for documents.  The key is to begin the search with enough information that is a filter criteria.  The following page provides a list of document filters for each document search type. 

Once the search results return, either click on the applicable document number to open the document record or chose additional filter criteria to narrow the search results.