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Creating a Refund Check Request

Departmental Refund Requests are a type of check request used for refund payments from the University.  These KUPPS requisitions workflow to the KU Bursar’s Office for central review and approval.   

The create a KUPPS Refund Check Request:

 1   Open the Departmental Refund Request Form.  Steps:

  1. Login to KUPPS, click the  forms  tab.
  2. Select the  Departmental Refund Request  option under Shared.
  3. Click on the Departmental Refund Request link.      

 2   Step 1: Supplier Information.  Pick either option:

  1. Manually type in the supplier name.  KUPPS will automatically identify the supplier based on the name typed into the field.
     –  or –
  2. Click the supplier search link to search the full list of suppliers in KUPPS then click the Select link. 

If the supplier needs to change, click the select different supplier link and use either option A or B:

Click here for resources to Add or Change a KU P2P vendor.

 3   Remit To Address.  If the address in KUPPS does not match the payment address on the invoice or other documentation, enter the correct address detail into the Internal Note of the draft requisition.

 4   Step 2: Invoice Information.  Enter the following information:

  1. Supplier Inv # – Unique identifier on the invoice.
  2. Invoice Date – The date on the invoice.
  3. External Attachments – click the add attachments… link. Click the  button and navigate to the electronic copy of the invoice. Select the file and click the  button.  No File Name is required in the External Attachments tool.  Click .   


 5   Step 3: Departmental Refunds / Refund Type.  Using the drop-down tool, select the applicable Refund Type option.

 6   Step 4: Refund Description.  Manually type in the Refund Amount ( ex. 123.00) and the Description of the refund.


 7   Save to Cart.  In the drop-down tool, select the applicable option and click . Typically, use the Add and go to Cart option. 
If more than 5 line items are required, select the Add to Cart option, click  and enter new line items.      

After completing the form and saving, continue to the draft requisition, complete the required fields, and submit for approval.  For more information on completing check requests and the check request requisition, see the KUPPS Quick Reference Guide, KUPPS Check Requests. After