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Punch-Out Shopping Options

From the KUPPS homepage, click on the applicable vendor icon from the Punch-out region of the page (Staples is illustrated here.)    

 1   User Recognition.  There is no separate login process for punch-out shopping within KUPPS.  When the punch-out supplier site opens, the initial page will display a message that recognizes the KU shopper.

 2   KUPPS Punch-out banner.  Each punch-out supplier site provides a KUPPS Punch-out banner identifying the shopping session as part of KUPPS. 

Click the   button if the SciQuest Session approaches 00:00.  If the session expires, you will be unable to bring the supplier goods into the KUPPS shopping cart.  Clicking this button will not alter the current punch-out shopping session with the supplier.      

To immediately exit the punch-out site, click the    button to end the shopping session and return to the KUPPS homepage.  Unsaved data on the punch-out site may be lost.



Each punch-out site provides a slightly different shopping experience.  Each punch-out supplier provides intuitive links/tools to locate and select their products.

Note – When using Internet Explorer (IE), allow the site to Show all content and load both secure and unsecure content.  Catalog suppliers provide trusted sites.  If a page will not load correctly in IE, sign out and reopen in Mozilla Firefox.  

All items in punch-out catalogs are under contract.  Core list items get special discount pricing.  Some items require prior authorization to purchase.

Do NOT purchase items that violate KU purchasing policies.  

Most suppliers provide a “favorites” feature that allows shoppers to create customized lists of products that they frequently purchase.  Adding items to one’s “favorites” list will save time during future shopping trips for the same items.

Product availability may be demonstrated on each site.  If an item is available, many sites will report how many items are in stock.Text here 66%

 3   Supplier Shopping Cart.  Each punch-out supplier has a shopping cart and checkout process.  Suppliers’ shopping carts provide details of the order and can be edited before checking out. 



 4   Checkout of Punch-out.  Once a punch-out supplier shopping cart is complete, KU shoppers can check out. Click the available submit/checkout button(s) and the order will automatically load into the KUPPS Cart. 


If additional items are needed, return to the punch-out site and continue shopping.   After checking out, the new items will load into the active draft shopping cart. 


Note – Staples requires a minimum order of $35.  Sigma Aldrich will charge additional shipping/handling fees for orders under $200.


Orders for hazardous materials will automatically download KU EH&S details into the KUPPS shopping cart. There is a separate workflow approval process for certain hazardous items purchased by the University.

NOTE – Shopping through punch-out suppliers should be fast and convenient.  Please report difficult or irregular shopping experiences to the KUPPS Help Desk.  Questions about payments, funding and other audit requirements can also be made to the P2P Help Desk. 785-864-3098 / 785-864-6136.