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Hosted Catalog Shopping Options

Hosted Catalogs are vendor catalogs maintained within KUPPS.  These catalogs typically do not carry the full range of products found in a punch-out catalog, but contain contractually priced items. 

Take the following steps to create a hosted catalog shopping cart:

 1   Select Supplier.  From the KUPPS homepage, click on the applicable vendor icon from the list of Hosted Catalog Suppliers.  (Stanion Electric is illustrated here.)  This opens the initial search tool.

 2   Initial Search.   To open the entire supplier catalog, click on the  button without entering search criteria.  Basic search criteria can be used here, but it may produce undesired search results. 

 3   Search the Catalog.  After the hosted catalog opens, KUPPS provides dynamic filters to refine the search results.  Filter options include:

  • Add Keywords (click )
  • By Category (product categories)
  • By Packaging UOM (Units of Measure)
  • By Result Type (Products, Services, etc.)
  • By Manufacturer

 4   Add to Items Cart.  After locating the item(s), type in the desired quantity and click   . A message will appear confirming the items have been added to the KUPPS cart - draft requisition. 

After adding all items from the hosted catalog, go to the draft cart by clicking on either the view cart link within the hosted catalog or the active cart link in the top right hand corner of the page. 

 5   Review Cart.  After adding items to the cart, review and edit the shopping cart as applicable.  Return to the hosted catalog if additional items are needed.