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Notification Settings

The email notification and accounting code defaults in KUPPS can be customized to the preference of individual users.  This requires a change in the user profile.


 1   Email Preferences.  KUPPS is configured to send email notifications in response to different events.  Users can control if certain email notices are sent.  To change an email setting:

  1. Navigate to Profile >> Notification Preferences >> Click Edit Section
  2. Select the Override option
  3. Click on the dropdown box.
  4. Set the dropdown box to your preference (Email, Notification, Email & Notification).
  5. Click the  button when done. 

To determine what event triggers an email notice, click on the question mark icon to the right of the title of the notification and a help box window will appear that defines when the notice is sent. 


 2   Default Accounting Codes.  KUPPS users can preset default accounting codes that will populate each new requisition.  These defaults are typically most useful for KUPPS users that do not regularly work with university accounting codes and make repeat orders.  To create default accounting code favorites:

  1. Navigate to Profiles >> Default User Settings >> Custom Fields >> Code Favorites.  
  2. Click the  button. 
  3. This opens the Accounting Codes edit tool.
    • Give the default setting a Nickname.
    • Check the Default checkbox.
    • Enter all default accounting code values.
    • Click the  button.
  4. Verify the settings for the default accounting codes are correct.  Click the  button to change the saved settings as necessary.
All future will requisitions will now automatically populate the default accounting code values set for the user.  If the default accounting codes are not correct for a particular requisition, anyone within the workflow can update the code settings from within the requisition.