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Managing a Draft Cart

KUPPS uses “shopping carts” to build purchase requisitions (PR) that are entered into the workflow.  Shopping carts are draft PR’s and KUPPS allows users to have concurrent draft carts.  Users can have multiple draft carts, but can only make changes to one cart at a time – the active cart.    

 1   Active Cart Status.  In the top right corner of KUPPS page, the active cart tool shows the name of the active cart.  In this illustration, there is no active cart.     

 2   Create and Select Active Cart options.  When there is no active KUPPS cart, the act of checking-out with a punch-out supplier will automatically create a cart.  If an active cart exists, checking-out with a punch-out supplier will put the items into the active cart.  To review the draft cart summary, click Carts >> Draft Carts.  Options include:

  1. Create a new draft cart:
    1. Click . This also opens the new (empty) cart. 
    2. Edit the Cart Name and Description as needed and save. 
    3. To fill the empty cart, click on Continue Shopping.
  2. Open an active cart – either click the active cart tool (top right) or the Shopping Cart Name from the draft carts page.
  3. To select a different active cart, click on the Active Cart icon.
  4. Click  to delete a draft cart. Once deleted, a draft cart cannot be recovered. However, once submitted for approval, a PR record exists forever, even if rejected or withdrawn.

 3   Add Items to Cart.  To add items to an existing cart click Continue Shopping and select a punch-out supplier from the KUPPS homepage.  Continue shopping from the punch-out supplier and then check-out to add to cart.

 4   Cart Content Administration.  When KUPPS users want to move items from a cart to a favorites folder, or different cart, or remove items altogether:

  1. Open the applicable cart from the draft cart list.
  2. Under the Supplier / Line Item Details, click-on the selection check box for each applicable order line.
  3. Click the For selected line items drop-down menu, and select one of the following options:
  • Add To Favorites
  • Rename Selected Items
  • Remove All Items
  • Move to Another Cart
  • Add to Draft Cart or Pending PR/PO
  • Add to PO Revision

If moving the selected item to a new location, navigate through the options to either remove or relocate the selected items. 

  1. Click  to complete the action.  

 5   Verify Contract Status.  For non-catalog orders, ensure the cart correctly identifies the cart as either a contract or no contract transaction. 

  1. Click Select price or contract…
  2. Verify the correct contract status is selected.
  3. Click  to set the contract status.