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How to Submit PO Change Order Requests

PO Change Order Requests are submitted through KUPPS requisitions.  These requisitions do NOT result in a new KUPPS PO.  The PO Change Order requisition is a vehicle to communicate a request to the KUPPS Helpdesk that requires workflow approvals.

To submit a PO Change Order Request (7 Steps):

 1   Locate and open the Applicable Purchase Order. 
Identify the PO (KU00012345) using either:
  a. the direct Search for tool; or
  b. the document history search

Click the PO number to open the PO document.


 2   Navigate to the Associated Requisition.  

From the Status tab, click on the Requisition Number of the PO. This action opens the original purchase requisition (PR.) 



 3   Copy PR to a New Cart. 

From the Available Actions drop-down list, select Copy to New Cart and click the  button.

 4   Remove all Items from New Cart.  

From the Shopping Cart, choose Remove All Items from the drop-down menu options.  Click the  button.

This step captures many of the data elements found in the  PO requiring the Change Order Request and minimizes the need for subsequent duplicate entry


 5   Select and Complete Change Order Request Form.

Go to the Homepage:

  1. Click on the  tab to open the KU Forms page.
  2. Click  from the Shared list option.
  3. Click on the KUPPS PO Change Order Request option. This opens the Change Order Request form.
  4. Complete all required Change Order Information.  Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the change requirements.
  5. In the Available Actions drop-down list, select Add and go to Cart and click the  button. 

These actions populate the draft shopping cart with the PO Change Order Request form.   To edit the details of the request, click on the line item product description, Change Order Request, to reopen the form.

From the draft Shopping Cart, click the   button. 

NOTE – Accounting Codes (Funding) Changes – Journal Request Change (JRC) Form

A JRC is used when an Accounting Code chartfield change is required on a purchase order made through KUPPS.  This includes:
Business Unit; Speedchart; Account; Fund; Department; Project; Chartfield1; KUEA Account; KURES Department Reimbursable; or KURES Project Reimbursable;           

University of Kansas or KU Research Form

UKANS transactions use the web form found on the Comptroller FACC website.

KURES transactions use a Cost Transfer Form for sponsored projects and a Journal Request Form for non-sponsored projects.  These forms are found on the KUCR website.Text here 66% width

 6   Transition to Draft Requisition - Make Appropriate Changes.

Within the Draft Requisition, ensure all fields are complete and accurately represent the change request.  Specifically: 

  • Ensure all changes are demonstrated in the Accounting Codes.   The Department or Project must be correct.
  • Ensure the instructions in the change request description agrees with the information in the Accounting Codes field.
  • Review the workflow approvers to verify the request will be approved by the correct KUPPS Approvers. 
    (*See below for workflow approval review steps.)


 7   Submit for Department / PI Delegate Approval.

Once all updates are complete and the workflow has been verified, click the


Once the requisition is approved by the applicable department or PI approver(s), it will workflow to the KUPPS Helpdesk for review and processing.  Applicable updates to a KUPPS PO will migrate to the FSKU PO.


*Workflow Approval Review

  1. Click the PR Approvals tab
  2. Click view approvers
  3. Verify the Workflow Step Approvers