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Creating a Check Request

Check Requests are used to create voucher payments for invoices and other expenditures when KUPPS purchase orders are not used.  The Check Request form goes into a KUPPS purchase requisition (PR) and follows the applicable workflow approval process. 

These instructions are for completing the Check Request form. 
See Draft Requisition Editing Options for additional information on submitting a PR for approval.      

Create a Check Request

Before creating a KUPPS Check Request PR, ensure the invoice exists in electronic format so it can be attached to the Check Request form.  Create and attach 1 file for each Check Request PR.    

Paper invoices should be scanned to PDF format.  Acceptable attachment formats include: .doc, .docx, .xls, and .xlsxCertain file formats are not compatible.  Do not use email file types .msg or .eml as an invoice attachment.  If an invoice is in this file type format, save the file to .pdf format and use that copy as the file attachment. 

 1   Select/Open the Check Request Form.  From the KUPPS homepage, click the Check Request form.  This action will directly open the Check Request form.

Alternate Method to Open the Check Request Form

 1   Open The Forms Page.  From the KUPPS homepage, click the forms  tab. 

 2   Select the Applicable Form.  In the left column, expand the options under Shared (click on the  +   button) and click  In the right column, click Check Request to open the form.


Check Request Form

 3   Step 1: Supplier and Contract Information.  Pick either option:

  1. Manually type in the supplier name.  KUPPS will automatically identify the supplier based on the name typed into the field.
     –  or –
  2. Click the supplier search link to search the full list of suppliers in KUPPS then click the Select link. 

If the supplier needs to change, click the select different supplier link and use either option A or B:

Click here for resources to Add or Change a KU P2P vendor.
See page 3 for Wire Transfer, NRA payments , or < $5 Invoice info.

 4   Select Correct Contract Status.  Click the select contract…
link.  Click on the applicable radio button to identify the correct contract status for the order – click .  See  4.E .  If no contract exists for the supplier, no contract option will be available.

 5   Remit To Address.  If the address in KUPPS does not match the payment address on the invoice or other documentation, enter the correct address detail into the Internal Note of the draft requisition.

NOTEVerify this address exists in the PeopleSoft vendor file. If the address does not exist, add it to the PeopleSoft vendor file using the Change Vendor form

 6   Step 2: Invoice Information.  Enter the following information:

  1. Supplier Inv # – Unique identifier on the invoice.
  2. Invoice Date – The date on the invoice.
  3. External Attachments – click the add attachments… link. Click
    the  button and navigate to the electronic copy of the invoice.   Select the file and click the  button.  No File Name is required in the External Attachments tool.  Click .   

 7   Justification Information.  Using the drop-down tool select one of the following reasons for the check request payment:

  1. After the Fact; Invoice Only
  2. Honoraria
  3. Moving Expense
  1. Participant Payment
  2. Payment between KUCR & KU
  3. Recruitment

 8   Step 4: UOM.  Select applicable unit of measure.  Save/reopen a new form if varying UOM’s are on the invoice line items.

 9   Step 5: Item Information.  For each line item on the invoice, type in the Description, Unit Price and Quantity for each line item.  The total of the Item Information populates at the bottom right of the form.  

 10   Save to Cart.  In the drop-down tool, select the applicable option and click . Typically, use the Add and go to Cart option. 
If more than 5 line items are required, select the Add to Cart option, click  and enter new line items.

After completing the form and saving, continue to the draft requisition, complete the required fields, and submit for approval.

Requisition Requirements

 11   Payment Message.  In the Check Request Use Only section,
click the  button and type a Payment Message in the open text field.  This is required for all KURES business unit check requests.

Examples include:

  • Account / customer number
  • Order / Sales Order Number 
  • Lengthy invoice number(s)
  • Date and location of travel for non-employee

If No Invoice Number:

  • Date of service
  • Description of reimbursement
  • Purpose of payment
  • Study (participant payment)

NOTEHandling Code information is entered by Central staff only.

 12   Internal Notes for Special Processing

Wire Transfers.  A KUPPS check request is created payable to The University of Kansas using supplier ID 0000018906. The check request must include $25 for the wire fee. This is in addition to the amount of the payment. Please complete the information on the Wire Information form, Save, and attach to the check request.

  • KUPPS Requistion ID
  • Currency Type
  • Wire Type
  • Beneficiary Bank Information
  • SSC Information
  • Beneficiary Information
  • Account number or IBAN (INat’l Bank Account Number)

Non-Resident Alien (NRA)Include the following detail/attachments for payments to NRA’s in the Internal Note:

  • Complete nonresident alien information in Glacier
  • W-8BEN (if student)
  • Form 8233 (if non-student)
  • Copy of passport

Return Check to Department.  When checks must be returned to the originating KU department, enter detailed instructions here.  

Remit To Address Change.  Record the correct Remit To address here.  Use Change Vendor form to add to the PeopleSoft vendor file. 

Interfunds Payment.  Identify payments to state agencies here. 

 MISC  Invoices Less Than $5.00

Check Requests must be greater than $5.  If an invoice is for less than $5, combine that invoice with a subsequent invoice from the same vendor so the Check Request totals more than $5. 

  • Include both invoice numbers in the Supplier Inv # field of the Check Request form.  Enter a blank space between invoice numbers.  This field is limited to 30 characters – use the PR Payment Message field if necessary (step .11. ).
Save the invoice attachments as one file.