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Approving a Check Request

Check Requests are a type of requisition that require workflow approval through KUPPS.  To approve a check request, first sign in to the myKU portal.  The myKU portal link is located at the top right hand corner of the homepage. The KU portal username and password is typically the same as the user’s university e-mail username and password.
 1   Approvals.  Once logged in, click the approvals tab to access all the options available for viewing, editing, and approving Purchase Requisitions (PR) waiting for approval.

 2   Review / Identify Pending Check Request Requisitions. 

KU Approvers are often authorized to approve requisitions for multiple workflow rules.  Requisitions needing approval are organized in workflow approval folders that function much like Window Explorer folders.  However, requisitions pending approval can also be displayed in a List format.  Steps:

2.1  Select the Folder or List view option using the Group Results By: dropdown tool. 

2.2  Locate the applicable Approval folder and click on the expansion arrow tool to open the folder and view the summary of requisitions awaiting approval in that folder.

2.3  Click the Show requisition details / expand all / collapse all options as helpful to evaluate pending requisitions.

   Assign the Purchase Requisition.

Click the  button of the PR.  This moves the PR to the My PR Approvals folder.  Once an Approver assigns a PR to the My PR Approvals folder, no other Approver can edit or approve that requisition.  But, a PR can be returned to the shared approval folder for another Approver to act on. 
Note – Pending requisitions can be approved but cannot be edited unless the requisition is assigned to an Approver.

   Approval Filter Options.

Filters allow Approvers to quickly view a limited selection of folders and/or requisitions.  This is helpful when an Approver has many requisitions/workflows to review.  The filters are dynamic and are easily changed as necessary.  To open a particular filter option, click the add filter icon.

   Open PR for Review.

Click on the Requisition number (12345678) to open the requisition document for review. Either link to the Requisition Number will open the requisition document.

To return to the Approvals page summary, click the approvals tab from any page in KUPPS.

 6   Correct Missing or Erroneous Detail.
After opening an assigned requisition, any required information that is missing will be highlighted in yellow. Once all missing detail is entered, the requisition can be approved.
*See the following page for reviewing the invoice copy or editing the Check Request form.
 7   Approve or Reject (or other options for) the PR.  From the Available Actions: drop-down list, take on of the following actions:
A.  Approve/Complete Step - Approve the pending PR to send a PO to the supplier or send teh PR to a central workflow approver.
B.  Return to Shared Folder - Returns PR to department approval folder for another Approver to review and approve/reject.
C.  Place PR on Hold - Returns Check Request to the originator for update or correction.
D.  Return to Requestor - Returns Check Request to the originator for update or correction.
E.  Forward to ... - Change Approver for Check Request
F.  Add Comment - Add a comment that can be sent to a KUPPS user in an e-mail.
G.  Copy to a New Cart - Copy details into a new cart for use later.
H.  Reject Requisition - Approver terminates PR without creating PO for supplier.
After selecting the desired action, click the  button to complete the selected option (A-H).
 8   Review the Invoice / Change Check Request Detail.
To review the electronic copy of the invoice or change the detail in the Supplier / Line Item Details of the requisition, the Approver must open the form:
8.1  Click on one of the more info... links under the Product Description. This opens the Check Request form in a new window.
8.2  Edit each fields as required.
8.3 To view the e-copy of the invoice document, click on the link under External Attachments. Approvers can update this file as required.
8.4 From the Available Actions list, select Save, click the  button, and click the  button.