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Approving an E-Invoice Greater than $5000

Catalog suppliers return electronic invoices (e-invoices) to KUPPS at the time of shipment.  In the P2P environment, invoices result in voucher payments in the KU Financial System (FSKU).  However, e-invoices greater than $5000 require approval in KUPPS before creating approved PO Vouchers in FSKU. 

1   Approvals.  Once logged into KUPPS, click the approvals tab to access all the options available for viewing, editing, and approving invoices awaiting approval.

 2   Identify / Open Pending Invoice(s). 

Under Refine Search Results, ensure the approval Type is for Invoice.  Allow the filter to return only invoices.  Click on the Voucher No.(S0000123) to open the invoice document for review.  

 3   Review Pending Invoice and Approve. 

Once the invoice document displays, review each section as necessary and the approve the invoice.

3.1 Accounting Codes review.

3.2 Line Item Detail – Product Descriptions review.  Compare to PO to determine if the invoice is a whole or partial invoice of the PO.

3.3 Invoice approval does not require an Approver to first Assign the invoice.  Approvers can select Assign/Complete step and click  to approve an invoice.  Additional options are available if an approver chooses to assign an invoice.*

After the invoice is approved, an approved PO Voucher is created in FSKU to pay for the invoice.

* Do NOT Reject an Invoice unless absolutely certain the invoice will never be used to create a PO voucher.  Once rejected, the KUPPS invoice document can no longer be used to create a voucher in FSKU.